About WPCI

Wireless Personal Communications Inc. (WPCI) joined the Bell Mobility team shortly after the introduction of the very first wireless unit under the company name of Berg Communications of which during this time combined and implemented a vision that still holds true today.  With the evolution of increased competition in every sector of the business world came the need for increased communication power, greater technological advancement, and ease of use.  Today, the wireless phone has evolved to include digital technologies, and with it, to be a reliable, secure and remarkably efficient portable communications unit that fits into the palm of your hand.  It's now possible to check stock quotes, browse the menu of your favorite restaurant, send and receive e-mail and check sports scores, all from your Bell Mobility PCS handset, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile Device. 

Of course, we realize that these are features which don't appeal to all.  People still want basic mobile communications to stay in touch with family members or as a security measure while traveling, whether it's to and from work, or across the continent.  For this reason, WPCI is committed to fielding a team of communications experts each and every day, to make your move to mobile as intricate or as easy as you need it to be. 

WPCI has expanded to include 10 locations across the province of Ontario, including full-service locations, two in Toronto and one in North Bay.  These three locations can install, service or repair cellular and PCS units and hands-free kits.  Can't come to us?  No problem.  One of our certified technicians will come to you, at home or at the office, and perform the same complete service in your driveway or parking lot that we do on a daily basis in our service bays.  In addition, our corporate customers can currently order and manage their mobile communications accounts all with a simple point and click process, using our recently launched Webstore.
Our Mission
Guided by the relentless focus on the client experience, we strive to continuously reinvent our business by not accepting the status quo, WPCI’s purpose is to provide superior customer service and innovative solutions allowing us to be leaders in all business segments. This remains to be the foundation upon which we continue to build our success today.